WWE Changes Chad Gable’s Name

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Remember WWE’s BE A STAR campaign to fight bullying? PSAs about not letting other kids bully your friends. Standing up for yourself. That was always problematic from a company that made their money with angles where Mr. McMahon was disappointed to find his illegitimate son was a little person, Mr. McMahon would make fun of a former announcer who had Bells Palsy, and Mr. McMahon would make people kiss his ass or get fired. Now that I think about it maybe it was just Mr. McMahon that was problematic.

After stints in the past of getting called out for body shaming wrestlers (the Piggy James incident and anything with Vicki Guerrero) they seemed to have learned nothing. Chad Gable had been getting ribbed on TV constantly for being short. Feeling that wasn’t nearly enough it appears that WWE has full on changed his name on their roster page to Shorty Gable.

Why?  Gable has shown to be a fantastic mat wrestler. If only Kurt Angle was in his Prime seeing these two would be like watching a wrestling clinic. But of course rather than focus on that WWE chose to make him the butt of short jokes.

What do you think? Is this good for Gable or another incident of WWE being out of touch with its audience?

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