Viking Raiders are the new Raw Tag Team Champions

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They’ve had a meteoric rise on the WWE roster in a year and a half. The Viking Raiders (formerly War Machine, then War Raiders, then The Viking Experience) were former New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring of Honor Tag Team Champions before they signed with WWE in January 2018. They conquered NXT and the development division , and were called up to the main roster slightly more than a year later. A gimmick that isn’t obnoxious and over-played, that’s brutal unrelenting is just what the Tag Team division needed.

Last night on Raw, champions Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode were asked to defend their gold belts against The Viking Raiders. Erik and Ivar, who make up The Viking Raiders, traded blows and near pin-falls with Ziggler and Roode for nine minutes; until a lucky tag allowed the horned-devils to steam-roll through the competition and take the gold away from their opponents. As of October 14, 2019, The Viking Raiders are the new Raw Tag Team Champions. This is their first reign since being undefeated NXT Tag Team Champions.

Now it’ll be interesting to see what Vince & Co does with them!

What a great way to spice up the WWE Draft!

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