UFC publicists undoubtedly on damage control this week

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UFC publicists must be on major damage control this week…

Greg Hardy stepped in the ring with Ben Sosoli for the main card heavyweight match. When Hardy approached the ring, he was followed by loud boos and sounds of displeasure. This is, no doubt, in regards to Hardy’s previous domestic violence trial in 2014/2015, although the charges were dropped when his ex-girlfriend failed to appear in court. With so many fantastic women in the sport and so many more watching at home, I’m glad to see UFC fans standing up for women’s rights. However, it is important to note that the charges against Greg have been expunged from his record.

The verdict in his match against Sosoli was also expunged. Both men lasted three rounds of five minutes, but the judges scored in favor of Hardy. It was then discovered that the winner used an inhaler in between rounds, which goes against UFC’s rule of no medication or medicine being used between rounds. With the violation in mind, the decision was overturned to a no contest. A former NFL player for the Carolina Panthers and Dallas Cowboys, Greg Hardy now has a professional MMA record of 5-1-1.


Colby Covington, a former Interim Welterweight Champion with a commendable record of 15-1, is finally getting another chance at gold when he faces Kamaru Usman, the current Welterweight Champion, at UFC 245 in Las Vegas this December. Covington was stripped of the Interim title in 2018 after failing to schedule a fight due to nasal surgery. A year later, he now has the chance to claim a belt for his own. Still, he holds a grudge against Dana White, president of the UFC, for how the decision was handled a year ago. He told Submission radio he will “take the belt from [Dana] and slap him in the face with it,” should he get the gold in December.

UFC is known for being a big shit-talking sport, of course, and many competitors have builder careers out of playing the villain. Covington looks to be the next big villain in the Welterweight division, but it’s still not a wise choice to bite the hand that feeds you.

Then, there’s this asshole…

And then we have Conor McGregor, the biggest shit-talker of them all and a constant media pariah due to his unprofessional and criminal behavior outside of the ring. This time, he’s accused of rape for the second time in his adult life. According to The New York Times, the alleged second sexual assault occured in Dublin last week outside of a popular nightclub. Conor has not been officially charged in the case, though he is labeled as “being investigated.” I really hope this isn’t true because rape is one of the worst acts of violence, and being found guilty twice would make him a shitty human being and tarnish his history in the UFC.

In November 2017, McGregor interrupted Bellator 187 and assaulted a referee and a member of the event staff. Then, there’s the now infamous bus attack and brawl with Khabib’s family and friends during UFC 229. In March 2019, he was arrested in Florida for robbery and this August he was charged with assault for punching an elderly man in the face in Dublin. Keep it classy, Conor…

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