Alicia Fox quietly retires from in-ring competition

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After more than a decade with WWE, it looks like Alicia Fox’s time with the company has reached an end. On October 17th 2019, her profile on the promotion’s website was moved to the “alumni” section; thus confirming what fans have been speculating for months. However, neither Fox nor WWE have released a statement on her supposed retirement yet.

Alicia Fox is/was a wrestler who failed to connect with the audience, and perhaps the only reason she made it this long in WWE was due to the Women’s Evolution and her stake in that development over the years. A 1x Ohio Valley Women’s Champion and 1x Divas Champion, Fox was also the recipient of a “worst feud of the year” award and “worst worked match of the year” award. Ouch!

Fox debuted on SmackDown in 2008, and became the first and only African American woman to hold the Divas Championship in 2010. Her legacy, however, has been marred in recent years. According to staff members behind the scenes, Alicia showed up to a house show intoxicated in February, resulting in the termination of a producer who allowed her to perform. Because of this, Fox hasn’t been seen on television since April 22 during a losing match against Becky Lynch.

Before that, she was only a jobber used in filler matches and tag team tournaments that never went anywhere. So, really, it looks like her retirement was a long time coming.

Thanks for the memories!

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  1. This is such a negative article with information copy pasted from Wikipedia. Her matches which were the worst feud of the year involved the entire women’s division at that time. Her longevity was due to her having sound ring awareness and being extremely athletic. She wasn’t released because she made herself relevant with fresh talent coming in from NXT and adapted. She made the younger talent look good which is quite selfless despite the company not pushing her. She made noise with her crazy gimmick and got people interested. And yeah she had substance abuse problems= for which she needs to get help. Why this negative journalism all the time? Jeez


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