Nat D vs Christine Curran to Headline celebrity Boxing #70

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There’s a lot of things going wrong with this story, but I’m a closet fan of reality television and here we are. Celebrity Boxing, which is overrating the word celebrity, is gearing up for its November event that will be headlined by Nat D vs. Christine Curran. If you’re interested in witnessing this event in person, you can catch it live on November 16th 2019 if you’re in the Fort Lauderdale area. As much as I tried to find a link to buy tickets, I can’t find one, so it looks like you can only buy them at the door.

Nat D (DiDonato) rose to “fame” when she recurred on the fifth season of the hit VH1 reality show, “Mob Wives.” She entered into a feud with cast member Natalie Guercio, which is still a mystery to this very day, and never appeared on any of the show’s follow up seasons. Since the show, Nat D has done some modeling and charity gigs, and started participating in Celebrity Boxing after stepping in for “Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham. The showing was a losing effort on Nat’s part as the match, which was refereed by co-star Drita D’Avanzo, ended in favor of “Flavor of Love” winner Hoops.

That was November 2018, and in June 2019, Nat D returned to celebrity boxing to battle it out with Scarlett Bordeaux, a professional wrestler whose made one-off appearances in WWE, Ring of Honor and Lucha Libre AAA. Between then and now, Nat D seems to have secured the Women’s Championship belt, as many of her pictures on Instagram showcase her as the current champion. During Celebrity Boxing #70 this November, she’ll be facing Christine Curran, the writer, producer and host of “Dining Divas,” a restaurant reality show airing on CW South Florida. Remember how I mentioned the overuse of the word “celebrity” here?

Posters for this event state that this is an “entertainment event” and not an amateur or professional boxing match. Be as it may, a press release stated that Nat D is being trained by a real MMA fighter. Still, we also need to use the term “boxing” loosely here, as it seems the women have very little skill in the ring, or fighting in general. Real fans of boxing should not waste their time on this event, as it seems to be a quick cash grab for spectators wanting to watching an unorganized, unprofessional match between two beautiful women. Seriously, you need to watch the Nat D vs Hoops video on YouTube to see just how much of a clusterfuck this organization is.

I may be nitpicking Celebrity Boxing #70 despite it being a charity event, but that’ll change the day someone I like enters the ring. Until then, I’m going to avoid this one.

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