One Last Match: Victoria vs Nikki Cross

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Say it ain’t so! Victoria, real name Lisa Marie Varon, announced in January 2019 that this year would be her last participating as a performer in wrestling promotions. A former personal instructor, aerobics teacher and bodybuilder competitor, Victoria debuted as a part of WWE in 2000 as one of The Godfather’s Hos. After briefly serving as his manager, she made her in-ring debut in a July 20002 episode of Sunday Night Heat. Following a lengthy feud with icon Trish Status, Victoria captured the WWE Women’s Championship for the first time during the 2002 edition of Survivor Series. Though she lost it at Wrestlemania XIX, the athlete continued to make history by defeating Lita in the first ever Women’s Steel Cage Match in WWE history.

Victoria earned the WWE Women’s Championship for a second time in 2004 after defeating Molly Holly, Lita and Jazz in a Fatal Four-way Elimination Match. When she lost the big gold belt, she formed an alliance known as Vince’s Devils (or the Ladies in Pink) with Torrie Wilson and Candice Michelle. Then, she briefly teamed with Natalya before retiring from WWE in January 2009; although she did make a one-off return to the company for the Divas Battle Royal at Wrestlemania XXV. Since leaving the biggest wrestling promotion on Earth, Victoria appeared on TNA and became a 5x Women’s Champion and 1x Tag Team Champion. Recently, she became the inaugural MORE (Masters of the Ring Entertainment) Women’s Champion. Not so bad, right?

Nikki Cross is a new-ish competitor that still has many years left in WWE. She performed in various independent promotions around the world and even appeared in a TNA Bootcamp before finally getting to try out for WWE in the Fall of 2015. The following year, she made her official debut on Smackdown before being moved to RAW. Cross was underutilized for many months, only being used in the role of a jobber, before she was booked alongside Alexa Bliss. Nikki briefly served as her manager before becoming her tag team partner. Together, the team became the third pair of women to win the Women’s Tag Team Championship belts; a reign that lasted only 62 days. Following the loss, Nikki was drafted to Smackdown and is currently feuding with Bayley for the Women’s Championship.

If this is indeed Victoria’s last year as a professional wrestler, I’d love to see her return to WWE for one last match at a pay per view. Sure, there’s only two months left until 2020, but you never know what can happen. I think Victoria would best be paired up with Nikki Cross. The women have a lot in common, especially their crazy gimmick that was toned down to help them get over with the audience. Imagine a Crazy vs Crazy Match? Not only would it be a proper farewell for a WWE veteran, but it will also re-establish Nikki as an insane personality who will do anything to beat her opponent. Imagine would the entrances would look like.

I don’t think a Victoria vs Nikki Cross match would be hard to choreograph, either. Obviously Victoria is still an active competitor in the independent circuit and Nikki is finally hitting her stride in WWE. They would work off each other well and the match would also Harold back to The Women’s Evolution that WWE seems to be forgetting about now a days. Old school vs New school, and a way to showcase how Victoria helped to open doors for the current stable in the company. Honestly, I’d love to see Victoria on my screen in any capacity and this is only a dream match. Will it happen? Doubtful, but it doesn’t mean I don’t want it!

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