Is Kaitlyn coming back or not?

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I stopped watching WWE in 2009 because life has a way of beating you down, but through the joys of YouTube I’ve been lucky enough to witness some of the wonders that I missed. This, of course, leads me to the topic of professional wrestler and bodybuilder Kaitlyn. Though she was only with WWE from 2011 until 2014, she made an impact that captivated fans around the world. Often paired with Layla or AJ Lee in feuds with Eve & Aksana or The Divas of Doom, Kaitlyn finally won The Divas Championship on the 20th Raw Anniversary episode in 2013.

After a four month reign, she lost the tile to AJ Lee at Payback and asked for her release from WWE in January 2014. Since then, she put her focus on her family, a fashion line and contributions to the fitness industry outside of wrestling. However, after only five years away from the ring, Kaitlyn returned to the profession in the independent circuit, beating Rachael Ellering at a Coastal Championship Wrestling event in 2018. Currently, she is not listed on their roster or alumni page. This could be because she had to leave the promotion to appear on WWE once again.

Kaitlyn resurfaced in the company as a competitor during the Mae Young Classic Tournament in 2018. She was successful in beating her round one opponent, Kavita Devi, but was defeated in round two by Mia Yim. She wasn’t seen again on any WWE programming until a backstage segment during the Raw Reunion episode in July 2019. This surely has wrestling fans pining for her big return, but international supporters already know she’s doing big things. On October 27th 2019, Kaitlyn (now wrestling as Celeste Bonin) defeated Katie Forbes and Black Widow to become Slamforce Africa’s inaugural Women’s Champion. She currently still retains the belt.

So, is Kaitlyn coming back to the WWE universe on a part-time or full-time scale? At this point, it looks doubtful. I don’t know how WWE contracts work, but I don’t think they’d allow her to collect a paycheck from another promotion while still appearing on WWE payroll. Also, at this point in her personal life, she may find better joy in the independent circuit due to the lack of being on the road. She won’t be forced to spend more than 80% of the year on the road away from her house and home, and that’s a huge bonus when looking at a performer who still gets to do what she loves.

That doesn’t mean I don’t want to see her back on WWE one day. I find her look and personality to be appealing, and she could be a big brawler if used correctly. That’s perhaps what stalled her big return to WWE. The executives and writers aren’t known for being creative and, knowing them, they probably struggled to find a good way to bring her back and revive her character. Kaitlyn is desperately needed, though. The women’s division hit a new peak this year, but fell just as quickly after the loss of Ronda Rousey, Nia Jax and Sasha Banks. Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair have been carrying the division on their backs, and I feel like the viewers have failed to connect with heel Sasha and Baylay and the addition of Lacey Evans.

If Kaitlyn, or any former wrestler, needs to return, it’s now!

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