Icy Mike debunks five self defense myths

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Talking about combat sports and professional wrestling every day means there’s a lot going on with physical contact. Take down techniques, submission holds and the correct way to fall without hurting yourself. There’s a lot that goes into the strategic game of disarming your opponent while simultaneously defending yourself. It begs the question, do you – the average citizen – know how to protect yourself from an attacker who wishes to do you harm? In the heat of the moment, you may crumble under the weight of the circumstance, and there’s nothing embarrassing about that. There’s others, though, who will go the opposite direction during fight-or-flight mode and want to strike their attacker.

I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of defense classes depicting in television and movies, but guess what? Hollywood is a prettier version of real life, and scripts are written to be more appealing and heroic; often disregarding the hard facts of reality. Stereotypes exist in every medium and category, and self defense even has its fair share of techniques that are often accepted as true but hold no merit when it comes time to fight. That’s why this video by Icy Mike, “5 Self Defense Myths That Women Still Believe,” is so interesting. Now, before you say, “What does this guy on YouTube know about anything,” I did some fact checking. Though he isn’t a UFC fighter or household name in combat sports, Icy Mike still has some credible accomplishments on his resume.

Based out of South Carolina, Icy Mike is the creator of RKM (Take Control) and Hard2Hurt. These are fitness, combat sport and self defense training classes that offer everything from Adult Kickboxing to Bareknuckle Boxing, Dirty Boxing, Advance Sparring, Technical Striking, Yoga and Strength and Conditioning. Mike has some level of training in Muay Thai and Karate, and he recently took home first place with a white belt in Jui Jitsu during The New Breed Ultimate Challenge. He’s sponsored by several companies including HitStix and he showcases lots of at home defense weapons on his ever-growing YouTube channel. So, when this guy tells you that you’re during something wrong – believe him!

Below you’ll find the video for “5 Self Defense Myths That Women Still Believe.” My favorite one is the use of car keys between your fingers as a weapon, because I’ve seen numerous friends bust out that move while joking around. Honestly, this video isn’t really even about how to take down a man or win a street fight. Mike and his assistant are showing the dumb things people do when mugged or in a dangerous situation, when really the best thing you can do is remove yourself from further harm and make yourself less of a target in the first place. Of course, while you should always defend yourself in a case of physical assault, you should also remember your personal level of training and not attempt to go all Wonder Woman on someone 3x your size. Good stuff!

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