Davy Gallon delivers “Rolling Thunder” KO at Probellum, earning KO of the year praise

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Mixed martial arts is about luck just as much as it’s about practice, expertise, stamina, timing and strength. No one knows that better than Davy Gallon, age 30, who delivered one of the best knockouts the sport of MMA has seen this year. It’s being called “Rolling Thunder” by fans, while others with experience inside the octagon are calling it a backward scissor heel kick.

It all happened last night during MTK MMA’s UK show, Probellum 1. Davy Gallon was facing Ross Pearson, age 35, in the headlining welterweight fight. In the third round, at the 4 minute 36 second mark, Gallon delivered “Rolling Thunder” to KO Pearson in a finish no one saw coming. The audience went wild, the commentary table was left grasping for words to explain what they just saw, and Davy went viral with the kick heard round the world.

Davy Gallon now holds a professional record of 18-7-2. A former UFC fighter who won “The Ultimate Fighter 9,” Ross Pearson is bumped down to 20-17-1.

Watch the madness below on instant replay courtesy of IFL TV.

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