After the Bell: How Giovanni Roselli found fame, fortune and fitness post-WWE

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Some people are born to entertain. That can be said about Giovanni Roselli. You may recognize him for his film and television roles including As the World Turns, Jersey Shore Massacre, Saturday Night Live and The Wrestler. Hell, you may even recognize him as your personal trainer from a few years back. But, the majority of you will always know him as one-half of the WWE tag team, The Heart Throbs. Consisting of Roselli and Antonio Thomas, The Heart Throbs appeared on Raw, SmackDown and Sunday Night Heat throughout 2005 and 2006. What has life been like for the actor, model and professional wrestler after leaving the biggest sports entertainment company in the world? Well, I’d like to talk about his past before addressing his current affairs.

“I was always a big fan [of WWE] while growing up, and I wanted to be in the business. As a matter of fact, I even spent a little time working at Titan Towers in Stanford, Connecticut in the Live Events Department!” Giovanni tells me during our exclusive interview. Of course, Titan Towers was the global headquarters of WWE until March 2019. “I originally trained in Chicopee, Massachusetts under Nick Barberi while going to college at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut. Once I graduated, I went down to Louisville, Kentucky to train in Ohio Valley Wrestling. I learned from some of the greats like Lance Storm, Jim Cornette, Danny Davis, Bill DeMott and Al Snow.”

When he signed with WWE in 2004, he hit the ground running and found himself working around the wrestling promotion’s grueling schedule. He says, “Every week there was some sort of travel for shows. Sometimes it would be as little as two days out of the week, and sometimes it would be as much as the entire week.” But the allure never faded. Giovanni Roselli continues, “Every match I had the opportunity to participate in was special. I enjoyed all of it, the whole experience, and if I had to pinpoint one highlight – it would be working a sold out Madison Square Garden in front of my family.”

The Heart Throbs were released from WWE in February 2006. Was this the end of his wrestling career? Hardly. He just needed to re-shuffle and move on. The actor recounts, “The first thing I did was visit my grandmother. We were very close and she always knew best. Then, with my free time, I started a career in the fitness industry, which is still my primary living to this day. However, I knew it wasn’t the end of the road for me in terms of wrestling. I knew there were plenty of opportunities out there, and I took advantage of them! I even worked all over Europe and Puerto Rico.

“I went forward as a solo performer. I think it just organically happened as both Antonio Thomas and I wanted to see what we could do individually,” Giovanni explains. Of his many accomplishments, he fought his way to earning the NEPW Heavyweight Championship, the NWE World Heavyweight Championship and the WWC Puerto Rico Heavyweight Championship. Still, following a brief appearance on TNA in 2007, fans were wondering if The Heart Throbs would ever come together again. A reunion isn’t completely out of the picture as Roselli says, “Every once in a while we get together, but the physical distance between us doesn’t make it easy.”

“Wrestling taught me many valuable life lessons that I continue to take with me to this day, and I’m grateful to have made a living as a professional wrestler,” he concludes. Now, he makes a living as the owner of Roselli Health & Fitness LLC, a training paradigm that offers online tutorials and public seminars. His methods have been featured on Food Network, USA Network, FOX, NBC and Showtime! He hasn’t forgotten his WWE fans, either, and occasionally makes fan fest appearances around the country. Follow him and his continuing journey at and

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